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Marisaaa :]

Intense Jonas fan...

12 March
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I love the Jonas Brothers...a lot, and I don't really mind being made fun of occasionally for it. I've only been to one Jonas concert, but I want to go to 129318290381309809983489. My concert was the last stop on the Burnin' Up tour, and it was pretty much the most amazing night of my entire life. Demi's performances were amazing too, and I am a huge fan of her as well. I've grown up loving the Beatles and old 50s, 60s, and 70s music, so I'm a big fan of that type of music, too. I used to be obsessed with the British band McFly, but I don't really like any of their more recent stuff, so I guess I'm a fan of their older music. ...hahah wow this whole thing is about my favorite bands/singers...
hahaa there's more i could say, but I'm kinda blanking right now, considering its after midnight...so PEACE.RAT MUFFINS
are you creepin'? ;)